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Jonas brothers- Facts

Nick Jonas *The president*

Nick Jonas *The president*
Kevin Jonas *leader*
Joe Jonas *DANGER*
Family Photo Album
Frankie Jonas *Bonus Jonas*
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Facts about the Jonas brothers


Nick is known for being the "serious" one in the band. But, alot of people don't know this about him, but he does have a goofy side, though he claims that it's "rare"

The band started as a solo project of Nick Jonas.[5][6][7] At the age of 7, Nicholas began performing on Broadway.[8][9] He has acted in several plays, including A Christmas Carol (in 2000 as Tiny Tim and as Scrooge at eight), Annie Get Your Gun (in 2001 as Little Jake), Beauty and the Beast (in 2002 as Chip), and Les Misérables (in 2003 as Gavroche).[9][10][11][12] After Les Misérables closed, he performed in The Sound of Music (as Kurt) at the Paper Mill Playhouse.[13]

In 2002 while performing in Beauty and the Beast, Nick had written a song with his father called "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)". With background vocals from the Beauty and the Beast cast, Nick performed the song on the 2002 annual Broadway "Equity Fights AIDS" album, Broadway's Greatest Gifts: Carols for a Cure, Vol. 4.[14][15] In November 2003, INO Records received a demo copy of "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)".[16] The label released the song to Christian radio, where it quickly became popular on Record & Radio's Christian Adult Contemporary Chart.[15] While Nick was working on his solo project, Joe followed in his footsteps to Broadway, appearing in Baz Lurhmann's production of La bohème. According to Nick, this was also the first year the brothers started writing songs together.[17]

By September 2004, an executive at Columbia Records found out about Nick's song.[14][15] Nick was soon jointly signed to INO Records and Columbia Records and released the single "Dear God".[18] A second single, a new solo recording of "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)", was released on November 16.[19] It was supposed to be followed by a December release of a self-titled solo album Nicholas Jonas, but the album had been pushed back;[20] it did, however, get a limited release.[21] Nick, along with his brothers, Kevin and Joe, had written several other songs for the album.[14]

In early 2005, Columbia Records' new president, Steve Greenberg, listened to Nick's record. While Greenberg did not like the album, he did like Nick's voice.[22] After meeting with Nick and hearing the song "Please Be Mine", written and performed by the brothers, Daylight/Columbia Records decided to sign the three as a group act.[

Nick Jonas Facts

Full Name: Nicholas Jerry Jonas
Birthday: September 16, 1992
Born in: Dallas, TX
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Song: “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder
Favorite Band: Switchfoot
Hobbies: Music, Songwriting, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Collecting Baseball cards
Favorite Actor: Matt Long (Jack and Bobby)
Favorite Actress: Keri Lynn Pratt (Jack and Bobby)
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Cotton Candy
Favorite Movie: Finding Neverland (Old), Juno (New)
Favorite TV Show: Lost and Sports Center on ESPN
Favorite Sport: Baseball


  • His favorite superhero is Spiderman.
  • His favorite season is spring.
  • Nick likes mint-chip flavored gelati.
  • Song writing is Nick’s way of letting his feelings out.
  • Nick naturally has brown hair and brown eyes.
  • The subject Nick likes the least is math.
  • Nick would rather text a girl than call her.
  • He doesn’t mind being called “the one with the curly hair”.
  • Nick is Christian.
  • His toothbrush is yellow.
  • According to Kevin, Nick can’t stand it if someone wears his socks, he flips out and its “funny”.
  • Faith is very important to his entire family.
  • Nick’s purity ring has ‘Poned’ inscribed on it which means ‘to be let down or disappointed’.
  • He was discovered in a barbershop while getting his haircut.
  • Once lost his purity ring and got a new one made at Disney World.
  • His nickname is Nick J.
  • Some people say “Nick J is off the chain.”
  • His favorite drink is 7-11’s Slurpees.
  • His favorite sandwich is an Italian Hero.
  • His favorite fast food restaurant is McDonald’s.
  • His favorite movie is Finding Neverland.
  • His favorite song is “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder.
  • Nick has an iPod Nano.
  • He hates it when a girl is afraid to eat in front of him.
  • He loves Red Bull (an energy drink).
  • His most prized possession is his golf set.
  • He can breakdance.
  • When Nick was in the Broadway play Beauty and The Beast, he played Chip.
  • He has a sidekick (cellphone) and he got it decorated.
  • Nick can juggle.
  • Nick’s cologne is Abercrombie.
  • Nick wrote the song “S.O.S.” based on a past experience.
  • The thing Nick must have in the studio is Hershey’s chocolate.
  • Like Kevin and Joe Jonas, Nick wears a purity ring.
  • Nick’s favorite song to play in concert is “Year 3000.”
  • He once missed a family vacation to be in a Broadway play.
  • Nick was originally going to have a solo album but when the record company heard about his brothers (Joe and Kevin’s) musical talent they formed the band “the Jonas Brothers”.
  • His Chinese horoscope sign is the monkey.
  • His favorite ice cream is cotton candy.
  • His favorite actors are Matt Long and Keri Lynn Pratt from Jack and Bobby.
  • His favorite sport is baseball.
  • Nick’s favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.
  • He and his brothers (Jonas Brothers) are spokespeople for “Baby Bottle Pops”.
  • Nick keeps his closet surprisingly clean.
  • Nick loves Green Tea Frappuccinos.
  • Nick’s favorite candy is Sweet Tarts and gummy worms.
  • If he were a crayon he says he would be the color, Royal Blue.
  • His favorite cereal is Cheerios.
  • His favorite singer is Stevie Wonder and his favorite band is Switchfoot.
  • His most ticklish spot is his feet.
  • His favorite food is steak.
  • He is the youngest member of his band, The Jonas Brothers.
  • Nick wrote the song Please Be Mine. This was when the idea of Kevin and Joe [Jonas] joining Nick with his record deal came up.
  • Nick plays the guitar, drums and keyboard.
  • Some of his hobbies includes playing baseball, collecting baseball cards, tennis, songwriting and music.
  • Nick enjoys watching Lost and the Sports Center on ESPN.
  • Nick’s favorite color is blue.
  • Nick has three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Frankie.
  • Nick has Type 1 Diabetes. He was diaganosed in 2005 while he was out on tour.
  • Nick’s most prized possession is an Olympic Gold Medal.
  • Nick’s celebrity crush is Miley Cyrus, and once dated her in summer of 2006.


    Nicks favorite sport is golf, but he loves baseball also

    Nick J is off the chain ~
  • His hidden talent is playing the drums.
  • The first thing Nick notices in a girl is her eyes.
  • As of 2007, Nick is 5′6″ (1.68 m).
  • There is a code on the dog tag; which identifies Nick. This is so that if he ever gets into any sort of accident, and needs to be taken to the hospital, they know that he has diabetes. This way, they know not to give him certain medications that can be harmful to his body because of diabetes. When they put the code into the computer at the hospital, they get Nick’s medical history. Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes gets one of these, and it is their choice whether they are going to wear it or not.
  • Kevin said that Nick could drink up to 30 cans of Diet Coke in a day and still want more.
  • The Jonas Brothers also have music videos for “Mandy” and “Baby Bottle Pop” theme.
  • (In mandy, Nick almost gets hit by a car) There are 3 “Episodes” of mandy!
  • Nick said in a live chat, that he hates spiders.
  • Nick thinks Jordan Pruitt is pretty.
  • Nick’s iPhone ringtone is the James Bond 007 theme song.
  • nickjonaxxsssssa.jpg

    This picture is Nick in the middle of a base-ball game against his 2 brothers
    ADDED – JUNE 2008*
  • Nick new favorite movie is “Juno”.
  • Nick eats his hamburgers all around the edges, in a circle, instead of eating them straight through.
  • Nick’s secret talent he says is he can do one-handed cartwheels.
  • Nick said he wasn’t doing music, he would be a professional athlete in Baseball/Golf or work in ‘Cirque du Soleil’.
  • Nick’s favorite item of clothing would be his vintage Elvis Costello basball style tee he recieved as a gift.
  • First “Hollywood” moment? “Meeting the president was pretty cool.”
  • Style icon? “Elvis Costello. I like his consistency, it’s really cool.”
  • Favorite designer? A.P.C., Phillip Lim.
  • BlackBerry or iPhone? “BlackBerry. I had the iPhone for a little while, but I’m more of a businessman; I wanted to have a phone where I could really actually do things.”
  • What’s on your iPod? “Johnny Cash. I love that songwriting style.”
  • Eli Manning or Tom Brady? “The Giants! It’s so funny how in Jersey it’s completely split down the middle. It’s, like, northern New Jersey always seems like is Yankees/Giants, and south is Jets/Mets. Like, the Jets are green—that’s not even cool.”
  • Favorite movie? “Juno. I’ve seen it three times. Ellen Page is super-awesome.”
  • Favorite drink? “Sugar-free Red Bull.”
  • Favorite snack? “Taco Bell. I get two chalupas and a taco—and it’s awesome.”
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    Above left

  • Nick’s latest toothbrush is blue.
  • Nick said he isn’t big on public display of affection.
  • Nick with Joe and Kevin help produce and cowrite a few track on Demi Lovato’s cd “Don’t Forget”.
  • Nick’s other nickname is “The President”.
  • Nick spent his 16th birthday renting out the LA Dodger’s Stadium.
  • Nick’s dog he got for his 16th birthday is named Elvis, naming him after one of his favorite musicians, Elvis Costello.
  • Nick likes diet sodas because of his diabetes, he likes to drink Diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Coke.
  • nickluv3.jpg

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