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Jonas brothers- Facts

Frankie Jonas *Bonus Jonas*

Nick Jonas *The president*
Kevin Jonas *leader*
Joe Jonas *DANGER*
Family Photo Album
Frankie Jonas *Bonus Jonas*
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Facts about the Jonas brothers

Here are some things you might want to know about Frankie Jonas..


You might not know this.. but Frankie is a... LADIES MAN! lol
Check out this picture and tell me what you think. I mean, ladies are swarming all over this bad-boy =P

"Dating Noah Cyrus"
Goes on tour with his brothers
Shares a room with Nick
Thinks Miley Cyrus is "pretty"
Loves to beat his bro's at video games
Rides his scooter alot *Goes really fast*
Born in 2000
Plays the drums


How cool can this little man get?
Posing for a "photo-shoot"
They stick together, forever and always



Who doesn't envy this kid? He's got the greatest life ever! Brother of the Jonas brothers, goes on tour with them, thousands of girls like him, gets to play video games with Nick, Joe, and Kevin (Mostly beat them)
 Frankie Rocks!

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ex. Sarah Figglehorn (Fake name)
OMJ! I didn't know all those things about the Jonas brothers. Love your site =)