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Jonas brothers- Facts

Family Photo Album

Nick Jonas *The president*
Kevin Jonas *leader*
Joe Jonas *DANGER*
Family Photo Album
Frankie Jonas *Bonus Jonas*
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Facts about the Jonas brothers

Family Members
Dad- Paul Kevin Jonas 1st
Mom- Denise
Born to Musical Parents, the Jonas brothers grew up in a home where music was a big part of their everyday life. Father Kevin Jonas, sr. is the co-founder of Christ for the Nations music, as well as pastor at a local church in the bands hometown, Wykoff N.J. Growing up in such a musically accomplished family gave the boys a love for music, as well as a bit of inside knowlege of the music industry.
Frankie Jonas *Youngest*
his full name is Franklin Nathaniel Jonas
he was born September 28, 2000
he was born in wyckoff, new jersey
he is in his own band called RockSlap
he is a huge New York Yankees fan
some of his nicknames are the bonus jonas and frank the tank
his favorite song of his brothers is that's just the way we roll
a joke he told is why did the earth cross the road? cause there was a hot jupiter on the other side
he loves webkinz
Past- Coco =*(
Present, Nick- Elvis (Golden retriever)
Nick Jonas returns home in Los Angeles on Wednesday with his new golden retriever, Elvis . The 16-year-old Jonas Brother , who received the pup as a gift from his family on his birthday  named the pet pooch for two of his musical inspirations, Elvis Costello and Elvis Presley . 



Their house in Hollywood, California
This is their current home residing in California. Multi-million dollar estate


Christmas picture

The Jonas brothers "whole" family. Nick, Frankie, Joe, Kevin, Denise, Paul and Elvis


Before they go on stage and performed one of their songs during their burning up concert.
They performed at Wembley arena!!! Feat. Mcfly *stargirl*


Dad isn't in the picture~ but still took a nice photoshoot for a magazine

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